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Day 1, eh?

I edited for eleven hours yesterday to win NaNoEdMo. As such, I have not even thought about what script to write, and here the day is upon us.

Anyone have any multimillion dollar movie ideas that you want to give me? 

What're You Up To?

There's only nine days left until fade-in, how are you spending the time? Are you planning, holding yourself back, not even thinking about it?
Personally, I'm going through the books I'm basing my screenplay on and pulling out the important bits.
I'd love to know what you're doing and how you're doing it!

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In love with the obsolete Palm Pilot

What can I say? I like to write -- sometimes I love to write -- and sometimes I have to write. Other times, I want to write, but I can't write -- because of lack of writing implements. So I use old technology -- pen, any paper I can find . (Be aware this is when I'm away from my laptop -- always the easiest alternative.) 

I'm sure you agree that ideas are like butterflies and escape if you don't capture them at the moment they visit. Unfortunately, my butterflies, once penned, are maniacal dragons with no semblance to the lovely idea-monarchs I'd frantically scribbled. Two days later, no, two minutes later, my handwriting has turned Hieroglyph and I can barely understand what letters I wrote --much less what language.

No one diagnosed me cause I'm too old, but I'm pretty sure I have a form of dysgraphia. I cannot cursive to save my life (seriously, if I had only two minutes to write down why I should not be put to death and they were judging on how lovely my hand-written letter looked -- well, I'm dead.)

So, maybe I'm a visual-spatial learner and it all goes back to being born with the cord wrapped around my neck. Twice. I was blue. I guess there was some oxygen deprivation (I've always made jokes about this) and just now I was searching 'poor handwriting' and found this (page 4).

My point? My Lifedrive died a sudden death and now ai have no portable writing tool. I went crazy calling local computer stores to replace it with another handheld and discovered that none of the young things knew what a PDA, Palm pilot or Handheld is. I suddenly felt like I was in the Twilight Zone (not the first time.)
I discovered this enlightened soulmate wishlist for THE PERFECT PDA FOR WRITERS. I didn't realize till the end that is was just a wishlist -- written in 2002 -- yet to be fulfilled.

I broke down and ordered the T/X directly from Palm.

My Lifedrive, which was a dear companion for both reading and writing lies in pieces since I followed this video
I cried a little.

Script Frenzy site has launched!


Sign up and all that. It's going to be nuts. And by nuts I mean something fun that everyone should do.

I love the new icons for 2009. Looks like the writers resources haven't changed, but they didn't need to. That site is the one-stop site for learning to write scripts. It taught me more than my playwriting class. (Which makes me want to get my tuition back. But at least I learned from somewhere!)

One month to go

Hey all,

It's time to start thinking about what script to write. Me, I'm going to make a movie out of my novel.

But, I'm going to edit this novel during March, so I might get sick of it. In case that happens, I'm always on the lookout for other ideas.

Here's a good first step if you're stuck. Go to a coffee shop or anywhere else you can overhear people. And eavesdrop. Everyday situations and dramas can expand into full-fledged plays with some creative twisting about.

Make a list of settings with dramatic potential. Even a place as boring as a laundromat can be turned into brilliant drama, as we see in Dr. Horrible.

Also, keep a diary or a journal of some kind. Write down the situations you hear and lists of places. Make lists of anything! Write down good quotes that people say. Take note of how people talk. They don't talk in paragraphs, and they certainly never have their sentences planned. They might have a general idea or goal, but what they say will never be perfect.

March is eyes-and-ears-wide-open month. Go forth and be mildly creepy! 


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